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False Bay Therapeutic Centre is a comprehensive alcohol and drug treatment center, we are able to assist individuals and families affected by addiction and mental health on their journey of recovery, from detox and assessment all the way through to the end of treatment, and aftercare.

Are you having Drug and Alcohol Problems?



Alcoholism is, unfortunately, a common issue. However, those who suffer from it can find hope through professional treatment.


The misuse of Benzodiazepines can lead to addiction, but individuals who struggle with abuse can overcome it with professional help.


One of the most powerful and addictive drugs, cocaine has negatively impacted the lives and overall health of many individuals.


Dagga is the South African term for Marijuana or Cannabis. The Cannabis leaves are dried and rolled up in a type of cigarette called a joint.


As a more commonly abused illicit drug, Heroin has been known to influence the abuse habits of users from concerning to dangerous.


Typically found in prescription drugs, Opiates, and their addictive qualities, are often associated with a user’s addiction roots.

Meth / Tik

A harmful illicit drug, Meth is known to have high addictive qualities and can have a negative impact on the lives and overall health of its users.

Treatment We Offer

It is our mission that patients will always receive a standard of high-quality care and treatment, resulting in an outcome of successfully bettering oneself – regardless of their specific circumstances in personal and professional life. We have treatment programs that will meet your needs:
Our inpatient treatment program provides 24-hour care in a safe and secure environment.

FBTCC works with multiple Medical Aid Schemes

Drug Rehab program that works.

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The FBTCC Method

We are Certified Drug Rehabilitation Counsellors.

FBTCC employs only highly qualified and experienced staff who are intimately familiar with our unique method of counselling, which has been adopted from the world renowned Therapeutic Community Programme.

Success Stories

What some clients have to say about FBTCC Rehabilitation Program
I started believing in GOD and trusting the process. I started to realise that I was the problem and not the drugs. False Bay TC helped me build a new lifeā€¦
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Angela Laine
This year is my fifth year embracing recovery Thank you False Bay TC for equipping me with the tools I need to make it thus far and simply loving life.
Testimonial Image
Caitlynn Potts
Knowing what I have accomplished since I first stepped through the doors of FBTCC has made me proud of the person I am TODAY and I have a new lease on life.
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Alisa Hester

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