July 10, 2012 12:12 pm

Recovery is a process and in that process we need to build a solid foundation so that we are able to cope with life as it comes. We need to understand that there will still be difficult times and well as good times. In the TC program we look to build a solid foundation of skills and knowledge, tools and strategies, coping skills and self respect. There are specific structures and pillars that guide this and shape the different therapeutic groups run in the program.


Behavioural management and shaping

The process of managing and shaping ones behaviours by learning different tools modelled in the TC program. This structure emphasises the need to understand how our negative behaviours have supported a life in active addiction and that by managing and shaping these behaviours we can learn or relearn behaviours that make us more productive members of a community.


This structure touches on the need to educate individuals about the different aspects of addiction and the necessary role that spirituality plays in recovery. This is done through seminars and lectures, group and individual counselling.


Individuals come into treatment with a range of emotional and psychological issues, many have experiences significant traumas through their addiction and have not yet begun the task of deal with this. This structure acknowledges the need to deal with emotional and psychological issues and this is done through individual and group counselling, peer discussion groups and other sessions aimed to create trust and openness.

Vocational/Survival Skills

This structure focuses on some of the more practical life skills that may not have been developed due to addiction. The TC program is a social learning context where skills are shared and individuals are encouraged to learn and grow in supportive environment.


Family Milieu

Addiction usually leads individuals to isolate themselves from the people who care about them so our program seeks to teach people again how to be part of a community so that they can then take this home with them and learn to be part of their own families again. People learn about the impact they have on others and how their attitude and behaviour effects others.

Peer Pressure

The community as method as discussed in a previous blog talks about how positive peer pressure within the TC community assists to guide individuals to change behaviours and attitudes to ones more conducive to recovery.

Role Modelling

By acknowledging and promoting positive growth within the community, the members then learn to teach by example, sharing skills they have learnt by being positive role models to the younger members in the community.

Therapeutic Sessions

The TC program seeks to build self esteem and self worth through various different groups and sessions.

Religious Session

The TC program encourages the process of seeking a connection with a Higher Power and aligning oneself with the religious values and morals encouraged by an individual’s religious background.

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