June 27, 2012 10:15 am

Today I would like to introduce you to me! My name is Sally Hill and I am an Australian Social Worker. I studied Social Work at LaTrobe University in Melbourne and then went on to work at Hanover Southbank a 56 bed crisis facility for homeless people. This work place gave me a lot of knowledge about working with individuals with addiction issues, mental health issues, grief and loss, homelessness, cross cultural issues and many other areas. I have always loved to travel and social work allows me to combine work and travel so in 2008 I came to Cape Town and volunteered at False Bay Therapeutic Community Centre for five weeks. I fell in love with the place, the program and the people. So I continued my travels and headed home, resigned from my work place and moved back to Cape Town in May 2009.

This experience has been both rewarding and difficult for me. I miss home, especially my family, but I also feel I have become a part of another family here in Cape Town. The struggles we have been through to get our centre established has been taxing but the rewards of assisting and watching people grow and change, learning to love and respect themselves, makes it all worth it.

The team of staff at False Bat TC are like a family; we care about each other and support one another. It inspires me how each person goes above and beyond the call of duty to assist other people.

For more information about our program please contact us on 0217826242, visit our website www.falsebaytc.co.za and find us on Twitter and Facebook.


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