May 25, 2012 7:23 am

Many of us have tried to come clean on our own, asked our families to lock us up in the house, thought that a partner, a child, employment, school or something would be motivation enough to just stop using and get on with life. This kind of thinking is understandable because we feel that we got ourselves into this mess so we must get ourselves out of it. But the reality is that once we have crossed that line into addiction, we have encountered something that we have no control over and that if we had the answers and knew how to deal with it, we would have done it already.

Only you can do it but you can’t do it alone says to us that whilst our recovery is our responsibility and that no one can recover for us, we still need the help of others – professionals, our family and other recovering addicts – to deal with the issues that inevitably come up. An inpatient treatment centre can provide a space away from a person’s everyday triggers and rituals to learn tools and strategies for relapse prevention, dealing with difficult emotions, conflict management, rebuilding family relationships, building self esteem and coping with the ups and downs of life. Physically removing one’s self from your normal environment can assist with the mental shift needed to make the necessary changes. The treatment centre also provides a person with 24 hour support from people who understand how it feels and have the professional skills and knowledge to guide someone through the more difficult parts of early recovery.

Upon completion of inpatient treatment it can be both exciting and frightening to return to the ‘outside world’. False Bay TC has an aftercare program each Saturday to assist individuals to deal with the stressors of each week outside and provide support and guidance because whilst your recovery is your responsibility – you cannot do it on your own. Aftercare runs each Saturday from 11am-3pm where ex-residents attend a seminar, have lunch with the current residents, engage in one on one counselling when needed and undergo random drug testing. We suggest that people attend aftercare for at least four months post treatment.

For more information about our program please contact us on 0217826242, visit our website and find us on Twitter and Facebook.


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