Also known as: alcohol dependence, alcoholism

True alcohol addiction is characterised by the inability to cope with normal life without drinking on a regular basis, and a physical dependence on the substance. It is a chronic disease that alters brain chemistry, as opposed to just a bad habit or result of poor willpower.

Alcohol addiction is usually what follows after continuous alcohol abuse, which is not the same thing.

While some people are more predisposed to becoming addicted, alcohol addiction can affect anyone.


How to identify alcohol addiction – possible signs:

  • Your tolerance for alcohol is very high: you need to drink a lot in order to feel the effects.
  • You experience withdrawal symptoms only a few hours after your last drink. List of symptoms.
  • You can’t quit.
  • You can’t control the amount you drink.
  • Drinking has become a priority over your relationships and all activities in your life.


Can you recover from alcohol addiction?

Yes you can. It requires a strong effort & willingness from the affected person. You can also find help with alcohol addiction by removing the affected person from environments where they are encouraged to drink, or find it easy to sustain the habit. Treatment with inpatient rehab programs offered by a registered alcohol addiction rehab are often ideal for this purpose. Support from people who understand the science of addiction can be immensely helpful to an alcoholic.


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