It’s often said that the first step to overcoming alcohol addiction is to admit that you have a problem. This is true. The second step is to commit to a treatment programme. The key word here is commit. Alcohol treatment programmes are demanding; it takes a lot of self-discipline and determination to see them through. You should to be aware that it won’t be plain sailing, so you need the fortitude to stick at it, even when the going gets really tough.

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Alcoholism treatment programmes

There are different types of treatment programmes for different levels of alcohol abuse. For example, a binge drinker may not need a full detox and rehab programme, but might benefit most from support groups. An alcoholic, however, or someone who has been abusing alcohol steadily for years, might need a full treatment programme that includes detox, rehabilitation and maintenance.

Comprehensive treatment is available at in-patient residential rehab centres, where everything from detox to spiritual counselling and nutritional guidance is available. Other important aspects of a holistic treatment programme include:

  • Life skills, particularly coping mechanisms, behavioural change, goal setting, and relationship building.
  • Psychological and spiritual counselling, as well as group and family therapy.
  • Aftercare, for ongoing support on the long road to recovery, and to help avoid – and recover from – relapse.



Alcohol treatment programmes don’t only offer support in the form of counselling and guidance; they also help recovering addicts reconnect with their families and friends so that they have a proper support network.

Moreover, they are taught self-support strategies so that they can do everything they can to avoid temptation. These strategies might include getting rid of all alcohol in the house, getting new hobbies or studying interesting courses, and starting an exercise programme.

Another important part of recovery is to make a clean break from the old way of life, and this includes steering clear of old watering holes and drinking buddies.

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