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You’ve probably heard of going cold turkey, which is when alcoholics immediately stop drinking and tough out the withdrawal symptoms, hoping to emerge clean and sober at the end. It’s a method that works very well for many people, but it doesn’t work for everyone. In some cases, especially in cases of chronic addiction, going cold turkey is actually a bad idea.

The sudden withdrawal of alcohol, which the body has come to rely on, can induce a state of shock, which is physically dangerous. From a psychological perspective, some people also just do better on detox programmes than on programmes that require them to quit altogether.

So then, alcohol detox is a tapering off of alcohol use. Basically, addicts are weaned off alcohol, either by lowering their level of consumption, or by taking certain prescription medications.

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How to detox

It’s recommended that you don’t try an alcohol detox programme on your own. The health risks are great and there is also the risk that you won’t be able to control your alcohol consumption, which is counterproductive. It’s important to establish the minimum amount of alcohol required to keep the worst of the withdrawal symptoms at bay.

It’s also important to ensure that your body is properly hydrated and nourished during the process, which is physically demanding. This is best done with the help of a doctor or at an in-patient rehabilitation centre.

You’ll then need to taper the dose until the physical withdrawal symptoms have gone. Generally, the whole alcohol detox programme shouldn’t longer than five to seven days.


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