June 4, 2012 2:35 pm

1. The quality or fact of being honest; uprightness and fairness.

2. Truthfulness, sincerity, or frankness.

3. Freedom from deceit or fraud.

Addiction breeds dishonesty. In addiction people learn to tell lies without even thinking twice about it.

“Where were you?” – “by a friend’s house”

“What did you spend all your wages on?” – “There were a lot of bank charges this month”

“Did you use today?” – “No mom, how can you even ask me that?”

The problems with telling lies that you have to cover lies with lies and before you know it you can’t even remember where you started, and perhaps you even forget what the actual truth is now.

When an individual comes into treatment the act of being dishonest can be so ingrained that it takes a long time for the individual to make the conscious choice to be honest. Even understanding the concept of honesty can be difficult. People are so afraid of the outcome if they admit to doing something wrong that they would rather be dishonest. In the TC program we stress the importance of honesty and with that, taking responsibility for our actions. We encourage our residents to expose the negative behaviours themselves and their peers, because we believe that once someone begins to take responsibility for their choices, they will in turn make more responsible choices.

The longer someone is in the treatment facility the better they become at making the conscious choice to be honest, to take responsibility and to expose sneaky thoughts before they become actions. Being able to expose such things is so important for when a person leaves treatment as they need to be able to expose to their support network any thoughts, plans and cravings that come to them, , before they get into a high risk situation.

Our program encourages honesty in word and deed, understanding that we cannot just talk the talk but we need to walk the walk as well.

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