False Bay Therapeutic Community Centre (FBTCC) is a residential drug and alcohol addiction centre where people with addiction problems spend four weeks living in a structured environment in which they can practice the skills they need to live drug- and alcohol-free lives.


The little community within the centre encourages and promotes change and personal growth so that residents are able to cope with the stressors of the outside world.

The rehabilitation centre serves as an extended family in which residents and staff fill distinct roles and adhere to clear rules, which are designed to promote recovery and healthy living. This provides the treatment model for drug and alcohol addiction. The community and the relationships formed play an integral part of the recovery process. It’s an ideology, which differs fundamentally from other rehabilitation programmes.


Our approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation consists of five elements:

  1. Substance use disorders
  2. The individual
  3. Recovery/rehabilitation
  4. Healthy living
  5. The therapeutic community model


Individual drug and alcohol addiction treatment may then be thought of as three inter-related processes:

  • Becoming aware of emotions, needs, conflicts and beliefs in a variety of situations, but especially within personal relationships.
  • Learning healthy and adaptive methods to manage emotions, meet personal needs and obligations, and resolve inner conflict.
  • Using cognitive-behavioural therapy to change thought patterns so that patients learn how to use constructive strategies that promote addiction-free living and which allow patients to make a clean break from addictive behaviour.


telephonePlease don’t hesitate to contact us if you or someone you know needs help to overcome drug or alcohol addiction.


FBTCC is registered with the provincial Department of Social Development



A few years ago, I started using cat and cocaine with friends. At first it was just for fun, but then it got worse...


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