False Bay Therapeutic Community Centre’s (FBTCC) approach to rehab is designed to encourage addicts to change their attitude towards life, so that they can move towards personal transformation and achieve and maintain sobriety.


Drug and alcohol addiction is about much more than substance abuse. FBTCC believes that attitude and behaviour need to change if recovering addicts want to remain drug- and alcohol-free. They have built numerous defense mechanisms to protect their addictions, which allow them to spiral out of control. Our in-patient rehabilitation centre helps people rediscover themselves, work through the guilt and shame associated with their addictions, and build their self-esteem.

When residents are admitted to the rehabilitation centre their drug and alcohol addictions have all but destroyed their self-esteem and self-worth. They have carefully created masks to wear for the public, to ensure that no one sees them at their lowest. Our program seeks to remove those masks by providing a safe and supportive environment where they can learn about trust, honesty, and self-worth.


How Our Program Works

FBTCC’s rehab centre teaches residents about the importance of structure, time management and balance. Days are ordered by scheduled programmes, which include meetings, conflict management seminars and lectures, group counselling, recreation, spirituality, and tasks which are part of daily life, such as household chores and meal preparation.

Residents’ families are asked to play a role in the addiction treatment process; for example, they are encouraged to participate in a family counselling session where they can discuss grievances and issues relating resident’s period as an active addict. The aim is to restore trust and respect and repair damaged family relationships. To do this, it’s important for recovering addicts to have a full understanding of the impact that their drug or alcohol addiction had on their families.

telephonePlease don’t hesitate to contact us if you or someone you know needs help to overcome drug or alcohol addiction.


FBTCC is registered with the provincial Department of Social Development



A few years ago, I started using cat and cocaine with friends. At first it was just for fun, but then it got worse...


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