We are a Registered Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre, registered in terms of the Prevention and Treatment of Drug Dependency Act, 1992 (Act 20 of 1992), & registered with Board of Health Funders.

The FBTCC Method

FBTCC employs only highly qualified and experienced staff who are intimately familiar with our unique method of counselling, which has been adopted from the world renowned Therapeutic Community Programme.



It couldn’t be easier to be admitted to False Bay Therapeutic Community Centre. It’s a two-step process that starts with a phone call to discuss the problem. Did you know that Medical Aid covers rehab treatment?


Get In Touch

In order for us to help you & your loved ones, please leave us an enquiry. Phone us on 021 782 6242 or email us on One of our counsellors will reply in confidence.


Medical Aid

Did you know that Medical Aid covers rehab treatment?




A few years ago, I started using cat and cocaine with friends. At first it was just for fun, but then it got worse…



FBTCC is registered with the provincial Department of Social Development