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False Bay Therapeutic Community Centre has provided inpatient addiction treatment to individuals affected by substance use disorders since 2007. Our residential drug rehab centre offers effective addiction treatment for drugs and alcohol. 

Established in 2007, False Bay Therapeutic Community Centre provides in-patient drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

The residential programme, together with our expert team of medical and counselling staff, offer the best possible services and options to clients seeking to break the cycle of addiction.

Situated in the tranquil seaside town of Fish Hoek in Cape Town, South Africa, False Bay Therapeutic Community Centre offers more than just a break from the cycle of addiction. Immersed into a therapeutic environment with nearby of mountain trails and local beaches, the client will experience a recovery programme that incorporates holistic therapy, removed from the everyday distractions.

A home away from home, the facility strives to move away from the institutional style of drug rehabs and rather provides a family and home environment to all the residents. The programme promotes behaviour change re-establishment of pro-social living while building essential coping skill that our clients need to over come their addictions.

How long should drug rehab treatment be?

Finding a suitable drug rehab centre in Cape Town can be a confusing and tricky task. With a number of options available, the length of stay in a rehabilitation centre is one of the questions that comes to mind, with many people asking HOW LONG DO I NEED TO STAY IN A REHAB CENTRE?

There are many factors that contribute to effective substance and alcohol abuse treatment and one of these factors is the length of time that the client remains in treatment centres. The length of time spent in treatment is one of the factors that predicts positive outcomes.

How long is long enough and how long is too long?

These questions don’t necessary have answers and it is not an easy decision to make when choosing the length of a programme. It is however, important that the client remain in therapy for an adequate period of time.

But what is an adequate amount of time?

When it comes to therapy planning, each client’s treatment depends on their individual and personal needs, however, it has been shown that the most beneficial improvement is seen if a person remains in treatment for at least 90 days.

 Does this mean that I have to be stay in an in-patient rehabilitation centre for at least 90 days?

The simple answer is No, and even though this option is probably the best one, continued in-patient treatment is not always an option for everyone. In order to still benefit from ongoing treatment and support for at least 90 days, extending the treatment beyond in-patient treatment is achieved by the client participating in a variety and combination of treatment options and services. For example, a combination of in-patient therapy, followed by out-patient support sessions.

At False Bay Therapeutic Community Centre which is an in-patient drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre in Cape Town. We offer a number of treatment options, and programme durations, with a minimum in-patient programme of 28 days.

All treatment programmes are followed up by a support group service. This weekly support programme is offered to clients who have completed the initial phase of in-patient treatment at the rehabilitation centre. The support groups are offered for a minimum of 4 months. This unique programme design aims to ensure that the ongoing client treatment and support of at least 90days is offered, in order to achieve the best outcomes for our clients.

Should you or your loved one need help to quit Substance or Alcohol please dont hesistate to contact us . 

Contact us on 021 782 6242 or email to info@falsebaytc.co.za.

The FBTCC Method

FBTCC employs only highly qualified and experienced staff who are intimately familiar with our unique method of counselling, which has been adopted from the world renowned Therapeutic Community Programme.



It couldn’t be easier to be admitted to False Bay Therapeutic Community Centre. It’s a two-step process that starts with a phone call to discuss the problem. Did you know that Medical Aid covers rehab treatment?


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Medical Aid

Did you know that Medical Aid covers rehab treatment?

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